GdViewer Pro ActiveX - Site License 2.7.0

GdViewer Pro ActiveX - Site License 2.7.0



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: GdPicture

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GdViewer Pro ActiveX - Site License, Image and PDF Viewer Activex control that supports a lot of image format like bmp, tif, tiff, jpg, wmf, gif, animated gif, ico, png, pdf... It can be used from any 32 or 64 bit Windows development environment that can call ActiveX components (Access, Visual C++ , Visual Basic , Visual Foxpro, Delphi, .Net, MS Access, Windev, REALbasic, PowerBuilder etc...)With Gdviewer Pro you can view, zoom, print, rotate, Define Display Area, zoom on area, play animated gif, display multi pages tiff files, display pdf file (optional), use Defined Zoom in or Zoom out value, use keyboard to scrool image, set antialiasing display mode... Features: - Support for tiff, tif, jpeg, jpg, png, ico, wmf, gif, exif, bmp, dib, fax, emf and PDF image file formats- Image viewer (very high quality viewer class with many differents view modes)- Multipage Tiff reading, you can change page easly- Multiple image scaling algorithms (Antialiasing, Bicubic and NearestNeighbor Interpolation ...)- Support lzw, ccitt3, ccitt4, rle and Jpeg compression- Support for 1bit, 4bits, 8bits, 16bits, 24bits, 32bits, 48bits and 64bits pallets color- Import image from clipboard- Advanced rotations 90, 180, 270, 360, Flip X, Flip Y- Flexible printing features with page autofit- Read exif, gps tags- Animated Gif Viewer- Built in timer with TimerTick event- Advanced scrollbar with Smooth Scrolling and autosize features- Aspect Ratio Control- Right click pop up menu, including tools, selection, zoom...- Move the image manualy with move hand cursor- Zoom enhance, zoom by height, by width, fit to page..- User define Zoom and user define area zoom- Key & Mouse Events- Change image zoom with mouse wheel- PDF Viewer- GdViewerCnt: Image viewer container class (like a vb picturebox, can contain other controls placed on it)- Royalty free distribution This license entitles an unlimited number of developers in your organization to write software which accesses to GdTwain ActiveX.

Systems: Windows

Tags: animated gif   wmf gif   user define   pdf viewer   image viewer   gdviewer pro   area zoom   zoom   image   viewer   pdf  

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